Diablos, 11 Sep 2004

Celebrating the Birth of NeoPatriotism

Nobody had to work too hard to stay \"on message\", though Trophy Wife's irreverent sense of humor (\"Lyle is a god-damned communist\" probably represented the evening's most value-neutral content. The Portland trio did grace us with their epic rock opretta about the arrival of small-pox to the new world with Columbus and were well in the spirit of the occasion with between-song banter. Sadly, we've heard it rumoured that the 'Wife is no more, at least as of mid-October.

The Crimes of Ambition played an excellent, tightly focused set of modern post- punk. This was their new singer's 2nd (I think) new show, but her presence was seamless. This band is serious about subverting the dominant paradigm and uses a well-executed, tom-tom-ey, dreamy arpeggio-ey style as a framework for their covert agenda. The song "Animal Planet" rocked hard.

Tonight represented the introduction of The Avatar of The Self-Proclaimed Ruler of the Free World actually subsequently referred to by some awed onlookers as "Busholini Himself". The show rocked hard in general and represented our continuing improvement and refinement of our performance. It is always a long voyage from nowhere to somewhere.

What a good night!!!

!!And special thanks to Crimes for taking these awesome pics!!!

My best freind and I got blind about a month a go and I vaguely remember talking to Marybeth at the lounge and booking September 11. Since Evin Marshal was going to do a punk gig that day we tried to come up with a line up that would pull from a different crowd, It turned out that he wound up reschedualing for the 25th so we will be playing that as well.