Diablos, 06 Aug 2004

We had been talking with the Dlo about playing the end of July or mid August when I got an email from Glen Shires asking if we would play for a benefit for The Anxieties. I said sure even though it locked us our of the other two gigs. Hell I'd do damn near anything for Scott I'd even pull a transmission out of his car and replace it 3 times before we figured out it was the clutch the whole time.

It was weird. The headliner was the Sawer Family a favorite of scotts and a Solid rockibily act from Eugene. Most of the folk were there to see them. Opening at the dlo when Etzil isnt doing sound is like having doing a sound check for the first half of your show (during which everyone goes outside to smoke) By the time your sound is dialed in your done. I dont think we will ever open there agin without a serious sound check. Otherwise I love the Dlo and we will play there as often ast they will have us.

!!!!speaking of which we will be there celibrating the dawn of american NeoPatriotism on september 11. All hell is sure to break loose :)

I will upload an mp3 here when I get it ripped You can see what I mean. By the time everyone went outside we started to sound great. A special thanks to those who hung on through it.

Jaime Rust's new band Rockwieler followed with what sounds to me like what Jaime has been trying to get to for as long as I have known him, Seminal solid rock and roll.

By the time the Sawyer family went on my girl was ready to go wo we did.