Preemptive Strike (listen:soundcloud)

D. Delmar Davis

For Richard Maxwell Brown

"What are we gonna do now boys? We got us some problems..."

We lost our dominoes. Our Dancing Partner in Crime.
And All the Subsidies. Its just a Matter of time ...

"Oh give me a home
where the robber barrons roam
hey get cousin Bin on the phone
You seen them movies.
Lets drop the towers"

Theres no real enemy.
So there's no duty to retreat.
Texas Mentality.
We're gonna ride it to the brink.
And if were broke oh well.
No one will live to tell.
Stay the course, Straight to hell.
It's a preemptive strike!

Just because I can't watch tv and eat pretzels at the same time
doesn't mean I cant wear a flight suit and a cod piece to a photo op
You're Fired!
Dick. Keep these people in line will ya?
I'm goin back to Crawford!"