Interest on the Debt (listen:soundcloud)

D. Delmar Davis

For the WristRockets

When we were young we wanted everything but we paid our bills on time,
So when we went into the studio we financed it through CitiBank.
3 CDs and 4 years later and we haven't made a dime.
We're to drunk to play well with nothing to show but the interest on the debt.

So buy me a beer!
'Cause if you give me any money
It'll only go to CitiBank
Where it wont help!
Dig me out of this hole/hell that I'm in
It's just interest on the debt.

Wanna borrow more and quit my job and open up a record store.
So I need that extra four an hour
to keep my good name with CitiBank
My rent is due
My car is broke
and my new band wants me to pitch more
Like a ball and chain I drag around the interest on the debt.