Affinity (listen:soundcloud)

D. Delmar Davis

5 o'clock in the morning.
The tank is in the street.
The paramilitaries have taken the house.
The residents outside
and partially naked save the bags over their head.
Rising to work we turn our heads and pretend that we cant see or feel.

Affinity. Like A Bomb
Affinity. [where's the] Justice [in us all]
How do we look to our leaders? Every Bright light is snuffed out!
How do we look to eachother? Even our looks are recorded!

And weve seen this all before.
Watch and hope for the struggles,
of the protests in other police states.
All eyes on the students in the square.
The lone white shirt singlehandedly stopping tanks.
In their bravery we see eachother for the first time.
Our compassion stands there with them.
to be collectively mowed down.


And they said it couldnt happen here.
One crisis and everything is changed.
The patriot act leagalizing cointel-pro.
The bill of rights stripped away.
Innocents detained and tortured.
Endless Illegal wars.

And one new crisis and elections cease.
And its all too late.


We will run deep.
We will run silent.
Surfacing only to strike.
Guided only by blind sense of justice, and our love.
And the wall stands eternal [or does it]
The song in our hearts and minds plays.
The crack begins.
The writing follows.
Until it all falls down.
We will take it back.
Our country, our work, our lives.
We will take it back.
Our neighborhoods, our homes, our love.